Offer: Yoga Mat, Bag and Block




This offer is for our Dharma Yoga Studios Mat, Mat Bag and Yoga Block combined

Yoga Mat

Dharma Yoga Studios’ eco-friendly mats are an anti-slip PU top, fused to a 100% natural biodegradable tree rubber, providing a soft surface with a strong grip to keep poses balanced in the heat.

The PU is also UV resistant, which makes them exemplary for outdoor as well as on the go practice.

The Mats are non toxic, odourless & eco-friendly.

Material: 100% natural rubber bottom + eco polyurethane

Color: Black

Size/Thickness: 1830mm x 680mm x 5mm

Weight: 3.2kg


Mat Bag

The ultimate bag for carrying your Dharma Yoga Studios Yoga equipment to and from the Yoga Studios.

This Yoga Mat Bag is Water-resistant and is suitable for Yoga and Pilates Mats up to 72 inches (183cm) in length or 6 inches (15cm) rolled.

The adjustable shoulder strap helps you carry your equipment in a comfortable position.

This bag help protect your mat and keep it away from dust, dirt, or water.

Enduring and water-resistant material,

Compatible for yoga mat with sizes up to 183cm in length, 68cm in width, and 0.8cm in thickness

Colour: Black

Weight: 200g


Yoga Block

The Dharma Yoga Studios Yoga Block helps you to improve your poses or help you relax in certain poses and postures, from your very first yoga session.

This essential accessory offers support for stable and comfortable poses with rounded edges and corners.

Made from soft yet supportive EVA foam and embossed with the Dharma Yoga Studios emblem.

The blocks are 3 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches or 7.62cm by 15.24cm by 22.86cm.

Weight: 200g