I was first introduced to Pilate’s 12 years ago when I was living in Australia on the Gold Coast. I attended an authentic Joseph Pilate’s session. This was my first ever Pilate’s experience and an experience I would never forget. I remember feeling energised. It is difficult to explain the impact it had upon me. I can say I just felt different. I wanted to know more, learn more, be part of this system. This was a whole new experience which had left such a positive impression upon me. I decided to search for the best Pilates institution for further knowledge. I completed my training with Studio Pilates International.

My enthusiasm for this fascinating method grew stronger. I wanted to share this knowledge sharing the original teaching techniques with minimum adjustments to reflect the latest scientific understanding of exercise physiology and body movement.

As a former Nurse and a midwife as well as studying anatomy and physiology I can make sure anyone who attends the sessions are able to optimise postural restoration as well as development of muscular strength, endurance, function, and flexibility as well as enhance mental awareness.

The system requires practice, consistency, and commitment. It is certainly worth a try.