Sophie Ng

My main love of yoga comes from how personal the journey is for everyone. I love being a part of that for people at different stages of their lives and feel so honoured each time people give time from their lives to do a class with me. To be able to share such a rich lineage, teachings that have changed and are still changing my life is one of my greatest joys.

I love the diversity of the practise right now, but feel that we must now, more than ever ensure that at the very height of its popularity, yoga doesn’t loose its true roots, the spiritual essence of the journey. This is, to me anyway, so important. It’s a practise that is always evolving for me and this is something I always try to pass on.

I have taught many things from classes for adults, families, kids, pre wedding and hen parties, seniors looking to improve mobility, children’s story time adventure yoga, corporate classes, and individually tailored classes.

The thing I have found most important to me, is making yoga accessible for everyone, ensuring that everyone feels welcome, happy, comfortable in class, whatever their background, yoga is for everyone. It’s my greatest pleasure to be of service in this way!

I like to be the eternal student so I am always studying!