My movement journey began with my love for dance. I trained in Classical Ballet at the English National Ballet School in London where I studied Anatomy, Physiology, full Pilates equipment and mat, as well as multiple dance styles and techniques.

I went on to perform for fourteen years in the dance industry gaining valuable experience both on stage and through teaching others.

The excitement and energy that dance has brought to my life is incomparable to anything else; a feeling like no other!

It is this joy and sense of physical and mental well being that I really wanted to share with others, so more recently I embarked on the full comprehensive equipment and mat teacher training.

This thorough and expansive learning curve has opened my mind to new possibilities and enabled me to bring this new and exciting BarreFusion experience to you and your unique self!

I believe that we all hold hidden strengths within us, and I look forward to challenging and drawing those out of each and every one of you, when we meet, at the Barre!

Sarah Bushma