Naturally curious from a young age, I have always been drawn towards the philosophical and the mystical, towards that which brings us freedom, unity, and joy. In search of truth and seeking to understand how we could learn to live harmoniously and compassionately as a global collective, I spent much of my early twenties living and loving in Asia.

Whilst living in Northern Thailand in the early 2010s, steeped in Buddhist culture, connected to nature, and living intentionally, I came to the practice of Yoga. The first class I took ignited a flame of recognition within me, the realisation that this heart-centered tradition contained the answers to my questions.

Captivated, the practice began to provide me with the tools to navigate the flowing waters of life and steadily shaped my heart over the months and years to come.

Since then I have traveled the world practicing yoga with many illuminated teachers in beautiful shala’s and retreat centres. Living in the jungle of Sri Lanka and co-creating daily magic at Sri Yoga Shala provided me with the fertile ground I needed to commit to my sadhana (spiritual practice), it was during this time that my heart began to speak its truth and asked me to step into the seat of the teacher.

From Sri Lanka to Guatemala, India to Bali, vipasana retreats to living in conscious communities, these experiences have formed me and weave their way through my classes.

As a committed student and teacher, studying this philosophical tradition of liberation has become a lifelong journey that I am deeply humbled by.